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Boarding at Ecole Lemania gives students a completely different study and lifestyle experience to a day student.

Students aged 15-19 from our IB Diploma Programme, Swiss Maturité and French Baccalaureate have the opportunity to live on campus in a multicultural and multi-lingual experience.

Living in the vibrant city of Lausanne as an international student, with friends from all over the world, helps students see the world with new eyes. Every student brings something unique to campus, sharing their culture with others and making life at boarding school a rewarding and rich time.

These moments, with the supervision and help of our experienced boarding staff, also help students to mature before taking the next big step in their lives and moving on to university and other challenges and adventures.

Boarding team

Why is a boarding school good for students?

Living in a boarding school helps teenagers become independent and to mature quicker than their peers. Having to take responsibility for oneself as well as living in a community gives a boarding student a different perspective.

Their room mates and fellow boarders become lifelong friends as they experience growing up together at this formative time in their lives.

Being a boarding student also helps by offering teenagers a structured life. It helps to take away the many choices and influences they may have and good habits become compulsory in class, study-time, leisure and sports. The organization and regularity that is needed for the harmony in boarding schools, builds good habits for academic and future success.

Lémania - IB Experience
Lémania - IB Experience

Mrs Dupasqiuier, Director of Boarding

Some of our students come from very far away to benefit from a Swiss education and we are committed to providing constant support. The boarding school aims to meet all expectations with a targeted pedagogical framework.

The daily contact that I develop with each of my students is particularly close to my heart. Time is the key asset that determines success. It must be managed in terms of quality and respect for each student’s intellectual, psychological, and emotional needs. Being open and communicative, I am continually listening to my students to offer them a better environment at all times and it is essential to establish a close link between the academic and boarding school fields.

Direct contact with parents in the admissions process, lets them feel comfortable about entrusting their children with me. To this end, I would like to emphasize that since its foundation, Ecole Lemania is based on a family spirit.

The fun, sports, and cultural activities are what our boarding students enjoy the most. These are organized according to the seasons but also take student’s wishes into account.

After classes, it’s time to relax in a family home. The common areas come alive, with video games, card games, chess or backgammon, darts, television, and sometimes reflections on political, social, or even metaphysical subjects. Boarders will make new acquaintances and become independent, which is fundamental to maturity and have freedom which, like everything else, is earned through trust and respect.

Finally, building a close collaboration and relationship with parents and students allows me to guarantee better care, especially in difficult moments, when it is often more complicated, important and personal.

Room categories – single or double

Standard – single or double

Comfort room – single or double

Comfort + – single or double

Our housekeeping team guarantees daily cleaning of the rooms and common areas and a weekly laundry and ironing service

All rooms are supplied with sheets and towels.

Get involved – it’s your school!

Don’t say there is nothing to do!

This is your chance to make something happen and to make your mark on the school. Be the person who starts a new club, who gets others involved, who sees a way to improve life on campus. As a boarder you make the difference. Not only to yourself but to others on campus and to the whole of the school.

The Prep Year is in charge of the Yearbook but all students are invited to take part. Put in what is important to you and make sure you never forget your time at Ecole Lemania.

Ecole Lemania is a city campus with all the benefits this brings. Within a short distance of the campus we have the opportunity for sports, artistic acitivity and many other activities. The school day ends around 1600 and this gives you time in the week to find a new hobby, pastime or passion. Sharing this with your friends at school makes it even better.

Living between mountains and lake is a beautiful place to be. A 10 minute walk to the lake and the resort of Ouchy, 2 minutes if you take the Metro system.

Not for nothing has Lausanne been recognised as the best small city in the world and ranked 19th by QS in the top 20 cities for international students around the world.

You can find it here, you can do it here and you can also have a great life hanging out with your friends in a vibrant, cosmopolitan city. Check it out online and pay us a visit.

One of many reasons that students come to Switzerland to study is the proximity to so much in Europe. With great connections and if planned in advance, inexpensive travel options, students are able to enjoy weekends visiting famous and fascinating locations across Europe.

France is a boat-ride away, for Italy take the train from the station. With all this available, make sure you don’t forget the many places and experiences to have in Switzerland, skiing, historic cities and beautiful locations.

Excursions and visits are planned with the boarding team. Individual travel needs parental permission and must be planned in advance.

Time on the Prep Year & IB Diploma will pass quickly and before students finish IB1, it is already the moment to start considering university options.

Ecole Lemania has been helping and advising students for many years. To help each student with their university and career research and selection, we now use Unifrog software.

Through their own online account, they can discover what is possible and expand their search to a wide range of options.

Parents also have access to this software and are part of the process.


Lausanne – not only the Olympic city

Lausanne has been recognised as the best small town in the world; one of the most welcoming to international students and offers so much to give visitors of all ages a reason to stay longer. With a population of around 150’000, it is blessed with a transport Metro system and easy access by road and rail, that has seen culture and sports events grow into national and international importance.

The city centre with its many galleries, cinemas, shops and restaurants are only a short ride on the Metro to the shores of the lake with the Olympic museum or lakeside activity. Parks and gardens nestle with shopping and cultural districts while many indoor and outdoor sports are available within a short distance of the Ecole Lemania campus. Add to this the cosmopolitan nature of the city with many international organisation that have their headquarters within the city and you will discover a place to live and study that offers everything you need.

Lausanne - Lac

« Fourchette verte » and healthy eating

Fresh ingredients

Lemania - Food

Founded in 1993, the Fourchette Verte label is a guideline to offering nutritious, balanced meals as well as providing guidelines for healthy eating using fresh and seasonal ingredients.

The varied diet also takes into account the requirements of different religions and cultures, helping to give a wider choice of menu options in international schools.

Family atmosphere

Lemania - Food

Fourchette Verte requirements also consider the importance of surroundings and atmosphere of the dining experience.

It is important that students eat with their classmates, friends and teachers in a place where they feel comfortable and at home. This shared experience is important for creating the right attitude towards a lifetime of eating healthily.

Lémania School - Lausanne

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Prep Year IB Diploma Prep Year IB Diploma
Day students
Tuition and books only 23’00 32’500
Boarding Student Fees (Tuition, books, room & full board) 7 day boarding 7 day boarding Without weekends Without weekends
Standard double room 60’370 69’870 50’010 59’510
Comfort double room 69’990 79’490 56’300 65’800
Comfort + double room 78’870 88’370 63’700 73’200

Important dates 2024/25

Arrival day for boarding students Sunday August 25 2024
Term begins Monday August 26 2024
Autumn Break From Friday October 11 2024, evening To Monday, October 28 2024
Christmas holiday Friday December 20, 2024, evening To Monday, January 6, 2025,
February holiday From Friday February 14, 2025 evening To Monday February 24, 2025
Easter holiday From Friday April 11, 2025 evening To Monday April 26, 2025
Academic Year ends Friday June 27, 2025
Boarding students must return the day before classes start after each holiday