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Preparatory Year

Welcome to the Prep Year

At Ecole Lemania we understand the importance of receiving the best preparation for the academically demanding IB Diploma.

The Preparatory Year provides this for students so that they are ready to meet the needs and challenges of the IB Diploma Programme from the first day.

The Preparatory Year is a programme that equips students with the skills and knowledge to meet the academic requirements and the supplementary challenges of the CAS project, the Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay.  This will maximise the chance of obtaining excellent results on the IB exams.

Lémania - IB Experience
IB Experience

The Aim of the Prep Year

The specific focus of the Prep Year is to to help ensure success on the IB and includes;

  • improving English skills, written and spoken, if necessary
  • helping students become familiar with the IB system, IB criteria,  syllabi, etc
  • showing students how to manage  their time and stress in preparation for revision, exams, homework.

By the end of the Prep Year, students will understand their strengths and this facilitates their choice of the 6 IB Diploma subjects for Grade 11. This choice of subjects is usually made in consultation with the programme director and subject teacher to discuss if this is the best option or if another subject may be more appropriate.


Advantages of Prep Year

Arriving in a new environment can be stressful.  Even more so if you are changing schools and curriculum.

Taking the Prep Year gives students the time to integrate into school and make new friends. They will adapt to having new teachers and teaching styles and settle in to boarding and become accustomed to their new environment.

If students have these teething problems in the Prep Year rather than in IB1, the chances are that they will be more successful and able to focus on studying. They will also enjoy their life as a student at Lemania and in Switzerland which will help them be more succesful at school.



Lémania - IB Experience

prep year subjects and activity

The focus is on communication and writing for the IB. Oral and presentation skills are addressed to give student experience and confidence.

French speakers will delve into the beauty of French literature. Students who do not speak French, will take ab initio beginner classes.

Understand how to study maths in the IB diploma. This is also the opportunity to identify and bridge any gaps.

Explore concepts, theories and models and techniques that underpin each subject area.

Become familiar with the IB Diploma syllabus in these subjects.

Get involved in projects and start to become an IB student through local and international activities to help others.

Taking notes
Lémania - IB Experience

university & careers

Explore future destinations

Lémania - IB Experience Preparatoy Year

In the Prep Year, students start using university counseling software «Unifrog». Each student has their own account and will identify their strengths and preferences through online tests. Students begin to compile a list of option for courses, universities and careers and this may influence their choice of IB Diploma subjects. Help and guidance is provided on campus and parents also have access to the software and will play an important role in the process.

IB Experience

Prep year makes all the difference

Mark Haccius has been teaching and guiding Prep Year students for many years. Here is his personal and insghtful view on how students development over time.

« When climbing a mountain, it is a mistake to fix your eyes on your objective.

You climb and climb and climb, but that elusive goal – the summit – never seems to be within reach: there always seems to be another ridge, another hill.

The best way of seeing how far you’ve come is not to look forward, but to look back – and there you see, down in the valley, that tiny little village which was your starting point.

That’s when you see your progress.

Since starting in September 2022, my Prep class have:

• Bonded together as a group
• Demonstrated their own individuality and strengths
• Overcome personal challenges.
• Made significant progress in English
• Become more independent in their studies
• Learned to challenge received ideas and express their own opinions.
• Learned a lot of stuff
• Completed various CAS project.
• Begun to control their tenses.
and most importantly…


start at any time

The Prep Year has a rolling admission that allows students to start at any point during the academic year.

The best preparation will be obtained by taking the full year and starting in August however academic years finish at different times around the world so another starting date may be more suitable.

If you want to enrol part way through the year, contact us to start the process.


get involved – cas projects in prep year

Emilie was able to make a big impact with her language skills and help students in Peru to learn English online with the Prep Year. Anri and Giacomo made a difference to our local community by collecting plastic botttles around the Palais de Justice while Mélanie and Romane collected clothes and organised the transport to send them to Ukraine.

This year we will be developing some of these projects as well as bringing new experiences. This includes working with a local foundation to help provide food for those in the community that need it and each action and project improves the lives of many people.

These are just some of the activities that students will do over the year and with the support of teachers and students on campus, student have achieved many things.

Lemania - Student

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Prep Year IB Diploma Prep Year IB Diploma
Day students
Tuition and books only 23’00 32’500
Boarding Student Fees (Tuition, books, room & full board) 7 day boarding 7 day boarding Without weekends Without weekends
Standard double room 60’370 69’870 50’010 59’510
Comfort double room 69’990 79’490 56’300 65’800
Comfort + double room 78’870 88’370 63’700 73’200

Important dates 2024/25

Arrival day for boarding students Sunday August 25 2024
Term begins Monday August 26 2024
Autumn Break From Friday October 11 2024, evening To Monday, October 28 2024
Christmas holiday Friday December 20, 2024, evening To Monday, January 6, 2025,
February holiday From Friday February 14, 2025 evening To Monday February 24, 2025
Easter holiday From Friday April 11, 2025 evening To Monday April 26, 2025
Academic Year ends Friday June 27, 2025
Boarding students must return the day before classes start after each holiday