Mission & Values

Ecole Lemania was founded in 1908. Since then, we have grown and changed with the times to become a school with a strong Swiss and international identity.

Our mission is to be:

  • The preferred local Swiss private school with a worldwide presence
  • A privileged institution for our pupils and students in the long term
  • A school that contributes to a responsible and sustainable education.

The International Baccalareate Diploma Programme embodies the spirit and values of Ecole Lemania; academic achievement, intercultural understanding and respect.

Ecole Lémania - IB Experience
Lemania - Lausanne

meet Giovanna Crisante, IB Director

I have been responsible for the International Baccalaureate since the academic year 2018-2019. I make sure the program runs smoothly and strive to improve the quality of the teaching, fostering dialogue between students, teachers and parents.

The added value of the IB Diploma Program at Lémania comes from the teachers: most of them have a doctorate and ten years or more teaching experience. They attach great importance to remaining available and flexible, to adapt their teaching approach to the needs of each student.

At Lemania College, students are not considered as numbers, but as individuals with their experiences, emotions, desires and needs. Our students’ opinions matter! This is why we have set up a teacher evaluation questionnaire and student council.

Our students are free to express their beliefs. We see the student as the main protagonist of the school. In return, we ask them to ensure that they respect their teachers and their classmates.

IB Programme Director

The IB Experience

This 1-year programme enables you to be ready to hit the ground running when you start the International Baccalaureate.

Improve your language level, become accustomed to living in a boarding school, with new friends and in a new location, possibly a new country. The Prep Year is a foundation for your success on the IB.

A globally recognised and valued award and the ideal preparation for university entrance around the world.

This 2-year academic programme covers six academic subjects as well as three additional tasks which need to be completed. Students prove academic capability, maturity and a sense of community and self-awareness. All this prepares students for university and the challenges of everyday life.

We have both day students and boarding students taking the IB at Lemania.

Day students live in the region but come from a wide range of nationalities and backgrounds. Each bringing a local and international perspective to campus and school life.

For boarding students, living on campus means becoming part of a new family. A room mate and other boarders become not only classmates but also the people to share experiences with while at school. The close bonds made in boarding often last long after students leave school and will form a network of international contacts.

Lémania - IB Experience

Why choose Lemania College?

Lemania College is an excellent study environment for students who want to take the International Baccalaureat.

With experienced teachers and an international campus, students grow and mature in the boarding or day school environment.

Living and studying in our city campus means that students can have an experience which offers a normal teenage life rather than the cloistered and isolated life available in more remotely located schools.

Small class size is important and classes range from 8-15 students. This means that teachers can give students their full attention and support and a close bond is made in each group.

Teachers at lemania college

The success of our students and the friendly, professional atmosphere created by the teachers is important for students and for parents. Our teachers have either Phd or Master degrees in their chosen field and are fully trained to meet the specific needs of an IB teacher.

Accessibility and being available when students or parents have questions helps to improve the study experience and gives a good example to students that communication is a key skill. The IB reinforces this message placing importance on personal development, group work and community activity that is supported and enhanced through the participation and support provided by teachers.


Lausanne lifestyle

Best small city

Festival de la Cité

Both an urban location and a lake resort, nestled between mountains, vineyards and forests, Lausanne owes its appeal to its “dolce vita” lifestyle. Voted best small city in the world and in the top 20 cities for international students, it offers all the attractions of a metropolis, yet on a human scale.

Let yourself be tempted by our innovative gastronomy that reinterprets tradition by showcasing local products and artisan producers. And … breathe! Lausanne also has a breathtaking natural setting with Lake Geneva, the Alps and the Jura mountains as a backdrop, and the Lavaux UNESCO terraced vineyards close by

Best for international students

For the third consecutive year, Lausanne has been voted in the top 20 best cities for international students by QS rankings.

International students will discover unique museums such as Plateforme 10, the new Arts District, or experience the values of Olympism at the Olympic Museum. Our location and the variety of options in Lausanne is underpinned by a modern metro system that enable students to visit and be part of this unique city.

In summer or winter, Lausanne offers either excitement or relaxation with a range of activities and events and visitors are always welcome.

Studying in Switzerland

Switzerland is known as a safe country with a stable economic and political climate.

Visitors are welcomed and invited to share and admire the natural beauty of the landscapes.

Renowned for excellent schools and universities, Switzerland is at the forefront for education, training and research.

A Swiss education is life changing and life-enhancing full of momentous experiences.

International students make up 30% of the whole student body in Switzerland.

Living and studying alongside students from many countries, tolerance and understanding of other cultures soon becomes second nature and is a great advantage throughout life.

Switzerland and Lausanne is a gateway to Europe. France is visible from our boarding house, Italy is within two hours drive.

Students can make the most of there time in Switzerland with unforgettable experiences.

Visit Switzerland and other countries. See how cultures, cuisines and customs change and visit the best of Europe.

Anything « Made in Switzerland » has a stamp of excellence and this includes a travel infrastructure that enables students to make the most of this opportunity and explore Switzerland.


Discover the IB summer programme

Morning – explore the IB

IB Diploma

Lemania now offers a 2-week summer IB programme to give students aged 13-15 the opportunity of having an IB experience before making the final decision.

Each morning, discover IB course options, CAS and TOK subjects and why universities appreciate IB students. Visit universities and organisations that are known around the world, located on our doorstep around Lausanne.

Afternoon – sports and activities

Lémania - Activities

Each afternoon and evening, take part in summer activities and sports and make new friends from all over the world.

Get outside and see Switzerland and the region or take part in bowling, laser game or other indoor activities.

So much to see and do to make a summer of great experiences and discovery.


Prep Year IB Diploma Prep Year IB Diploma
Day students
Tuition and books only 23’00 32’500
Boarding Student Fees (Tuition, books, room & full board) 7 day boarding 7 day boarding Without weekends Without weekends
Standard double room 60’370 69’870 50’010 59’510
Comfort double room 69’990 79’490 56’300 65’800
Comfort + double room 78’870 88’370 63’700 73’200

Important dates 2024/25

Arrival day for boarding students Sunday August 25 2024
Term begins Monday August 26 2024
Autumn Break From Friday October 11 2024, evening To Monday, October 28 2024
Christmas holiday Friday December 20, 2024, evening To Monday, January 6, 2025,
February holiday From Friday February 14, 2025 evening To Monday February 24, 2025
Easter holiday From Friday April 11, 2025 evening To Monday April 26, 2025
Academic Year ends Friday June 27, 2025
Boarding students must return the day before classes start after each holiday