Lémania - IB Experience

Boarding School

An extensive offer

The Lemania boarding school offers more than just comfortable accommodation in the heart of Lausanne. It fosters a warm and powerful learning environment through daily pedagogical support in close coordination with the IBDP coordinator and professors.

There is no better place to get used to the Swiss way of studying. You will have many opportunities to explore Lausanne and discover safe places to have fun or relax. You will have the opportunity to find the perfect study-life balance.

Lémania - international baccalaureate - Swiss
Lémania - IB Experience

Insider look

Elfaïz Ali El Wafa recently passed his Swiss Matura exams. He describes the role that the internship played in his success.

What was your experience at the boarding school?

The boarding school is a very friendly place with many people of all nationalities. The boarding school building is located across the street from the school, providing continuity in the school environment and many advantages.

How has the boarding school benefited you educationally?

The staff is very nice and serious which allows a good relationship with the students and their teachers. As for the management, our director, Mrs. Du Pasquier Zeis, and her assistant, Carole Du Pasquier, are very dedicated and attentive to any need. All this allows for a good mood and a calmness that is purely beneficial.

Would you recommend it?

Without hesitation! Being part of the boarding school family has opened many doors for me, both socially and academically.

The arrangement of evening studies, for example, allows everyone to have the time to work with the support of a teacher.

The proximity plays a huge role in the motivation of some people (myself included) and the fact that I was so close helped me to stay on track.